Welcome to the Bears of the Abbey's Website


Welcome to the  website for Bears of the Abbey by Susan and Mark Mckay. 

We appreciate you taking the time to browse through our website. We are pleased to release many new bear and other animal character designs  in two Gallery Pages in this website.

We hope you enjoy your visit.



Handmade Creations

Featuring many different bears and other animal characters

New Creations Available for Adoption

We look forward to having Bears of the Abbey's collectible artist teddy bears be adopted into your special home. We also have other teddy bears for sale to meet a variety of interests for our valued collectors.

We are no longer  exhibiting  in as many live, physical shows. Susan's bears and other animal characters will be featured through this website on an ongoing basis. We invite you to check back frequently to check out the new creations available for adoption.

Susan and Mark Mckay